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Hosting24 Review: Premium web hosting at an affordable price

Looking for affordable website hosting plan?

Looking for an affordable website hosting agency and plan is not easy. If you are a newbie, there is a possibility that you are considering free hosting. This is a good option for beginners. However, if you want to make a profit from your web pages, settling for this is not the best choice. Don’t worry, though. Unless you want to go for managed or dedicated hosting, you must be able to look for affordable hosting packages that meet your needs.


Hosting24 is a reputable web hosting platform you may want to consider. They are reasonable, and provides a vast range of features. Their team also offers discounts for clients who want to go for a longer contract. You can also pay an additional amount for upgrades, in case you run out of resources.

Feel free to check Hosting24 reviews in Malaysia. For most people, the premium hosting package amounting to $4.49 each month is all they need. This package covers unlimited amount of storage space, unlimited amount of websites, unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, and FTP users. It is truly an ideal choice for businesses who require multiple user logins or accounts.

Finding a reliable, affordable hosting package that includes cPanel hosting can be challenging. The good news? Hosting24 can help you with this. They provide cPanel by default, so you are free to have more control over the server setup.

Hosting24 is a top choice when it comes to moneyback guarantee and customer service. No web host can deliver a 100% uptime, but they take pride on delivering 99.9%. This company has a reliable team that works 24/7 to ensure that downtime is reduced to a minimum.

Are you planning to create an ecommerce website? Then, you will need an SSL certificate. Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL is a standard-type encryption. You need this to ensure that sensitive information like passwords, usernames and bank details are safe from cyberattacks.

Furthermore, Hosting24 utilizes advanced technology that supports firewalls, and strengthens website security and infrastructure.