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Ways to Earn Money with Knowledge base – Using Knowledge base in Ecommerce

Necessary Knowledgebase Features Needed for Money-Making

There are several arrangements available online income without the necessary features for money-making. Some essential features for knowledge base are:

  • User Access Restriction
  • Password Protection
  • Front-end Editor
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced User Insights
  • Article Listing Options

Helpie Knowledgebase

Help is an advanced knowledge base module for WordPress, and it has every one of the features required for profiting with a Knowledgebase. Since it’s a WordPress module, you get the reasonableness and flexibility of WordPress combined with the power of the Helpie knowledge base, an advantage which you wouldn’t get in a hosted (SAAS) knowledge base.

Every one of the methods of earning mentioned in this article is given with the features of the Helpie knowledge base at the top of the priority list.

Sell knowledgeable content with a Knowledgebase

In this data era, numerous businesses rely on their knowledge as an investment and need to sell the knowledge they possess online. In this case, you don’t need your knowledgeable content to be for everyone to read.

Maybe you are a personal/life mentor who gives persuasive content some for free and some for paid content. Or then again, you might be selling a service, for example, premium help for which you provide access to your knowledge base, just paying customers.

Arrangements like Learning Management systems, WooCommerce Subscription or Membership modules are expensive and sophisticated because you simply need to restrict access to the generally open and give access just to people you need.

With Helpie’s content restriction feature, you can create a website that gives access to people of your choice. You can create an essential restriction by giving access just to logged-in users for the entirety of the content.

For more restriction, the Helpie knowledge base makes use of the default WordPress user roles (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber) to restrict content access to users.

Integrating Helpie knowledge base with WooCommerce

The best method to monetize your website is integrating your knowledge base with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce gives extra user roles, Shop Manager, and Customer. Helpie knowledgebase can use these user’s roles just as any new user roles created to restrict access to content.

Extending Content Restriction feature with other modules

Since the Customer role is assigned any user who registers to utilize the checkout or information exchange choice, you may feel that it isn’t enough user roles to serve your purpose.

There are several free modules available to add new user roles or to change the capabilities of the user roles. Some useful modules for altering user roles are:

Ability Manager Enhanced – can alter the capabilities of specific roles, create new user roles, and add extra capabilities to existing roles.

Gatherings – can create user gatherings and can create an unlimited number of gatherings where users can be assigned to any gathering.

Members – can create roles and capabilities, and furthermore can give multiple roles to the same user, or deny specific capabilities to a specific user.

From creating a simple members- just website to more complex restrict content by what item is purchased, what bunch the user belongs, or what membership the user has purchased, with Helpie and these user role modules, you can do everything.

Utilizing Role-Based Pricing for Premium Content Access

Numerous WooCommerce stores use Role-Based Pricing to increase the value of their unwavering and lucrative customers and to have a better conversation with the first time customer. This should be possible utilizing a WooCommerce Role Based Pricing module.

With the Helpie knowledge base, you can make the best use of this feature by giving premium content just to faithful or lucrative customers, instead of your content being open to the general open.

Secret phrase Protection for Premium Content Access

Helpie knowledge base has a Password Protection feature which can be used independently of the user role-based restriction. You can allot passwords for your knowledge base content and give them to your users. You can keep free content open to everyone and give secret phrase access just to paying customers.