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Do’s and Don’ts When Playing Blackjack


Like with most of our favourite casino games, blackjack’s precise roots are forever lost over time. One of the game’s first documented accounts places its introduction in France in the 17th century, where it attracted gamblers under its simple but fitting “vingt et-un” name. 


Nevertheless, some gaming historians claim that vingt-et-un was nothing more than a modification of Spain’s extremely popular game “One and Thirty” or maybe even a spin-off of Italy’s Baccarat, rather than originating in France. 


In most blackjack tables the following do’s and don’ts apply. And if a few don’t relate to where you’ll be playing, it won’t hurt to learn them. In going in with this experience, during what will most likely be a frustrating first few sessions, you’ll have a more enjoyable moment.


The Do’s

  • Learn Basic Strategy



This is perhaps the most important thing for you to know about before you play a blackjack game. By learning this basic strategy, it will help you lose a lot less cash. Blackjack is indeed a very low house advantage game and it is possible to play it for long stretches of time with limited losses when you play using the basic strategy.


It would be wiser for you to take your time and study the basic strategy table before you start playing blackjack. This can be achieved by just having studied the map and experimenting at home with some cards, or by browsing for blackjack trainer sites online to aid you to find the right strategy when you play.



  • Get A Players Card Before You Start Playing



The casino tracks your play with players cards and in exchange, you will get food and drinks, get invited to events and special promotions and you may even receive free play coupons through mail or email. If you do not want any mail, you’re also able to opt-out of all mailings in most cases. 



  • Use Hand Signals



Blackjack is actually a visual game, if you’ve ever been to a casino you’d know how loud it can get in there so hand signals make it easier to communicate and also because not every player speaks the same language. Surveillance cameras are used to view requests to hit and stay for reasons of game protection. The hand signals used when playing Blackjack are pretty simple, make sure you know them before you start playing.



  • Tip The Dealer Sometimes



Dealer tipping does two things. One, at most casinos, dealers only make minimum wage so by tipping them once in a while it could help them pay their rent and bills and such. Two, by tipping the dealer, if you make a mistake or if there is an issue at the table, you might get better service and the benefit of the doubt from the dealer. It’s like tipping a waiter if they know you always give good tips they’d be more attentive towards you. 


The Don’ts



  • Give Money To The Dealer



Dealers are forbidden from allowing payments by hand. Cash remains on the table. Wait until a hand is over when putting money on the table to buy chips and all the cards have been picked up by the dealer then you place the money at a reachable distance for the dealer. 



  • Touching Cards Is A No



Touching the cards goes against the rules unless you’re playing a single deck game. When you ask for a hit, do not touch them and when you’re splitting your cards- do not touch them. One of the dealer’s biggest pet peeves is when players are touching the cards because it is their job to make sure every player obey the rules that the casino has set. Touching the cards is quite literally on top of the no-no list for players. 



  • Taking Chips Away From The Table



When you are done playing and you still have some chips left, you should hand them to the dealer to “colour up” unless you have less than five of a colour. When a hand is complete, slide your chips towards the dealer and tell them you’re done playing. 



  • Putting Items On The Table



Casinos do not want anything else on the table other than chips, some don’t mind if you put cigarettes and a lighter but nothing else. No putting phones on the table, keys or anything else that are not chipped. Cash is also usually not permitted to put on the table unless it is to buy chips.

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