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Analysis of School Website


The school website is intricate due to the types of data under the National Assessment Plan – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN), the sensitivity of comparisons between schools, and the interpretation of the data and information presented. A large number of sensitivities in the school environment relate to concerns about misinterpretation or used for unproductive purposes, such as the development of NAPLAN data and “league programs” that can make inappropriate comparisons between schools. Websites are designed to overcome this problem, often at the expense of their use. In this article, we will discuss how to analyze the school website and where one can find the best web design service in Penang to create his educational website. 


Enable school performance evaluation – allows governments and researchers to analyze to what extent school performance is based on national comparative data and their performance over time. To improve results and equity for all students it is mandatory using nationally-comparable school performance data to provide an important evidence base to support future developments – for public accountability and transparency. For better performance, it needs to allocate resources – identifying where resources are most needed to increase access to aid policymakers and to put pressure on change by placing parents and the wider community in the same position as the education authority. It provides parents and students with information about each school – its perspective on itself and its mission, staff, resources, and students’ characteristics and performance.”

This allows schools and their communities to compare their students ’performance in literacy and numeracy with those in other schools, most importantly, serving similar students. This comparison provides information to support school developments. First students are committed to improving schools and educational outcomes through policies to ensure a greater voice for parents and teachers, a strong national curriculum, better quality teaching, and certainty about school financing. The key government policy for this survey is participation from parents and the community; school autonomy; indigenous purposes, bridging the gap, and the expansion of the evidence base of performance data.


Because NAPLAN data on student performance is directly communicated to parents and schools. More importantly, this includes the growth of student education shown on the NAPLAN student acquisition page. Other pages such as NAPLAN produce groups, Vocational Education in schools, local schools, and school financing represent only a fraction of the total page views. The use of student acquisition pages is small, but it is seen that it has increased. This simple analysis shows that most users are only interested in a small part of the information presented or may find the website too complicated to find it more fully.


This dataset will be invaluable to anyone interested in school performance and student turnover in the 2010-2020 periods. Parents are interested in other school quality indicators as well as indicators reflected in the School, such as the school’s ‘feelings’, relationships and behavior management, Programs and facilities, and other qualitative factors that are best determined by the school website. Jumix design can help design a website as they are the best website developer Penang, Malaysia.