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Some Surprising Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

For men, they instantly assume that sex is all about undressing your partner, penetrating her vagina, and finish off by ejaculating somewhere both of you love. But when it comes to sex life, it is actually more than that.

This topic will not revolve around the use of male enhancement pills or your ordinary sex tips, but I am going to give you some pieces of advice that may surprise you, but really do wonders for your sex life.

Talk to Your Partner

A lot of men are condition not to be ‘touchy-feely’, which means that they are not conditioned to share their feelings readily when compared to women. Does it matter what society thinks? If anything, a man that shares his thoughts and feelings is much braver than those that would allow themselves to be dictated by social rules.

To improve your sex life, one need not be in bed with his partner, but rather, having an open mind and talking to her without being judgmental or critical are keys to a happy relationship.

Here are some tips that will help you talk to your partner the right way:

  • Find the Right Time- You have to be mindful of the situation. If you see that your girlfriend is not in the mood, it may not be the best time to talk to them about more serious topics
  • Do Not Criticize– Criticism is good if someone asks for it, but it is definitely not good if you berate your partner in any way. Giving suggestions is good, but you have to deliver it in a non-accusatory tone
  • Make Your Partner Know About What You’re Experiencing- It is a known fact that erectile dysfunction can befall any man. If you happen to exhibit symptoms, do not be afraid to talk to your partner about it. You will be surprised as to how women can be so forgiving.

Use Lubrication

There are some instances where a woman may experience dry vagina. Penetrating her genitals in the said state may prove to be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, if your partner says that she has the said condition, just use lubrication. There are some condoms that naturally come with lubrication, though having some oils and lubricants handy won’t hurt.

Stimulate Her G-Spot

Do you know what a woman’s G-spot is? It is actually a sponge-like tissue that is located within the roof of the vagina that is super-sensitive to stimulation. If you can hit her G-spot during coitus, she will experience more powerful orgasms and that is what you want to happen.

Take Care of Your Health

I know that this might seem common knowledge by now, but it has to be overstated. You see, although men know what is best for their bodies, there are still some that would engage in destructive behaviors like excessive alcohol intake or smoking cigarettes.
It is important that you ditch your bad habits in favor of good ones. Getting some exercise and eating the right foods should help you get back on track.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and How Can You Fight It?

For a time, when people are feeling generally tired, it usually just means that they either did not have anything to eat or that they just lack sleep. Although both factors can lead to fatigue, there is a much more serious problem if it happens most of the time.

The condition is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and for people who want to learn more about this, read further to find out the information that you need.

My advice, especially for men, would be to take the best multivitamin for men to ensure that they are getting all of the nutrients their bodies need for optimal function.

What is CFS?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a condition that is characterized by general feelings of tiredness or fatigue that is experienced for prolonged periods of time. People who generally feel tired are often advised to just get adequate amounts of sleep and eat the right foods and those things usually help solve the problem.

That is actually what was happening before. Doctors refused to believe that CFS was a thing- often stating that it is ‘all in your head’. But, CFS is widely recognized now and a condition that should be solved as it can lead to a host of other complications.

CFS is a bit difficult to pinpoint because your physician would have to conduct regular check-ups to find out if that is indeed your problem.

But, sufferers often lack essential vitamins, particularly Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, and other essential minerals such as zinc, folic acid, l-carnitine, magnesium, zinc, l-tryptophan, and CoQ10.

Researchers found out that any major deficiency in the aforementioned vitamins and minerals could cause CFS.


So, how does one treat chronic fatigue syndrome? Fortunately, treatment options are non-invasive which means that surgery is not required at all. People should just make certain lifestyle changes to help solve the problem. Here are possible treatment options for CFS sufferers:

1. Eat the Right Kinds of Foods

The first major step would be to have your diet in check. People who tend to eat fast foods, refined carbs, and other unhealthy food options would have to consult with a nutritionist or a dietitian to help them create their own healthy meal plans.

You must eat whole foods that are rich in the aforementioned nutrients. Think about cereals, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy soups, fruits, and vegetables. Do not worry as the nutritionist will be the one to guide you through the process.

2. Become More Active

You might scoff at this idea, but it will actually help improve your state. Becoming more active actually helps improve the energy efficiency of your different organs which means that you will no longer use up so much energy just to function. Think about incorporating cardio and resistance training into your weekly routine.

3. Get More Sleep

This advice is as old as time, but not a lot of people actually get adequate amounts of sleep simply because we are now living in a world that almost never sleeps. As to how long you should sleep per night, that will depend on your body. But, a general guideline would be to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

5 Simple Foods that Men Need to eat to last Longer in Bed

Men suffer from conditions that can dampen their ability to satisfy their partners sexually. They use certain drugs and male enhancement pills in order to fix the problem, but that may not be ideal when it comes to the long term.

It is still best that you look into more natural ways of satisfying your partner. Fortunately, there are some foods out there that are well-documented to have a great effect on helping a man last longer in bed.

In this article, I will talk about some simple foods that men would have to eat in order for them to buy some more time to satisfy their partner’s sexual cravings.


Milk is a rich source of calcium which can help strengthen your bones and improve muscle growth. But, that is not the only reason why you want to add milk into your diet.

Cheese and Milk are both great sources of Zinc, which is a mineral that is known to help boost testosterone production in men.

Lastly, milk also contains some protein as well which can help strengthen your muscles too.

Roasted Plantain (Unripe Bananas)

Bananas, in general, contain loads of potassium which may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This condition is known to hamper a man’s ability to satisfy their partners sexually, mainly because it might affect their penis’ ability to stay erect for a considerable amount of time.

Although you can eat bananas to help you last longer in bed, eating unripe bananas have more potassium content than their ripe counterparts.

Spaghetti (Pasta)

There is a reason why Italians love pasta and it is not just because it is part of their culture, but it is actually due to the fact that it is a rich source of carbohydrates.

Grade school biology would tell you that carbohydrates get converted to glucose by the body which is the main source of energy that fuels everything that we do. Spaghetti just happens to have loads of it which give you a lot of energy throughout the day.

What I love about spaghetti is that you can pretty much tweak the taste to your liking. You can either have it spicy, sweet or just right and you can also add whatever toppings you want as well.

Red Meat

I know, your doctor might have told you to reduce your red meat consumption, but eating the said kind of meat is not bad, per se, especially if it is only consumed in moderate quantities.

Aside from the fact that it is rich in protein, red meat can be a great source of amino acids and B-vitamins which not only help your penis stay erect for longer periods of time, but it also ensures that your muscles are going to be well-developed as a result.

Roasted Corn

Corn contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can help you last longer in bed. Plus, it is also rich in fiber which can help you get a healthy gut.